Mimi Rocah: Kavanaugh’s Political Rage Is Just Completely Unbecoming of Someone Who Is Going To Be Sitting on the Supreme Court

‘The political nature of his statement, and the political rage frankly is just completely unbecoming of someone who is going to be sitting on the Supreme Court’


ROCAH: "Andrea, 100 percent his demeanor, his temperament, his reaction to the questioning, needs to be take into consideration. Put a side for a moment the allegations, the truth of those allegations, what is going to be proven or not proven, let's just talk how he conducted himself. The political nature of his statement, the political rage frankly is just completely unbecoming of someone who is going to sit on the Supreme Court. And Supreme Court justices of course they can have political views, of course can have political backgrounds, and that is going to happen, but they have to be capable, capable of being objective and fair and letting people feel and parties who appear before the court feel that they are going to be judged in an objective manner, and that is almost the very definition of justice. And I really believe and I think that many other legal analysts, and frankly people -- you don’t have to be a legal analyst to have seen this, that Brett Kavanaugh showed himself as someone who really seemed incapable of showing that kind of objectivity, and that's just very disappointing and sad if we are going to politicize the Supreme Court in this way now."

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