Malkin: Until There Is Criminal Liability for Lying About Rape, Men All over America Will Be Falsely Accused

‘Until there is criminal liability for it, this will keep happening over and over again’


MALKIN: "The radical and extreme left, particularly radical feminists exploit the fact that Republicans act in good faith. We have to stop tiptoeing around this. Timing, matter, motive and manner all are important in judging the credibility and the strength of these kinds of accusations. Every day in America, innocence men of all races, backgrounds, socioeconomic status are falsely accused of rape and they can never get their names back. It takes five, ten, 15 years. Whatever civil sediment that they can finally win after losing their freedom and losing their lives and reputations, it can never compensate for the loss, the devastating loss that they and their family software. Is why, rape is a serious crime but so is long about it. Until there is criminal liability for it this will keep happening over and over again."

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