Trump on Kim Jong Un: ‘He Wrote Me Beautiful Letters; We Fell in Love’

‘They will say Donald Trump says they fell in love, how horrible’


TRUMP: "But we could have been in something else — I am not saying what’s going to happen. Who knows. We’ll have another meeting. Chairman Kim would like to have another meeting. The other day I heard one of the anchors say why is president Trump giving up so much? I didn’t give anything. I didn’t give up anything. What did I give up? I gave up nothing. The on thing I gave up was I agreed to meet. Boy, we lost a lot, right? I agreed to meet. I gave up nothing. They are just fakers. It’s driving them crazy. We gave up so much. Obama with the Iran deal gave $150 billion and gave $1.8 billion in cash. In cash. You know how much money that is? Nobody said he gave up so much except me. That’s why I ended the deal. I ended it. Gave it to them in cash. It’s like twice the size of this thing. That’s for a million bucks in $1 bills. Can you imagine $1.8 billion. Where the hell do you get $1.8 billion in cash. Don’t let anyone tell you it wasn’t for the hostages unless he had something else in mind. We are doing great. That was a big, big problem. And you know what’s interesting? When I did it and I was being tough, and so was he. We went back and forth, then we fell in love. He wrote me beautiful letters. And they are great letters. We fell in love. But you know what? They will say Donald Trump says they fell in love, how horrible. How horrible is that. So unpresidentia"

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