Vanita Gupta: ‘Belligerent’ Lindsey Graham Was ‘Channeling’ Trump and ‘Threatening’ Jeff Flake

‘When Lindsey Graham was in the room, it was obvious to me and a lot of people he was speaking to his fellow Republicans and particularly to Senator Flake’


GUPTA: "Throughout the entire confirmation process, there have been so many times folks were tweeting and saying, wait, what did you say about Merrick Garland that you are directly beingypocical now. When Lindsey Graham was in the room, it was obvious to me and a lot of people he was speaking to his fellow Republicans and particularly to senator flake. He was invoking and channeling Donald Trump and acting belligerent as well and speaking very directly to senator flake and kind of threatening him around if any Republican votes against this nominee, et cetera, et cetera. Just zooming out for a second, he and Brett Kavanaugh at every turn resisted calling for an FBI investigation. So now there is one. Everyone in the conversation is all focused on the FBI investigation. It is a very important thing to happen. It’s important for survivors to know. A lot of women after seeing Brett Kavanaugh perform the way he did felt completely discounted and dismissed. We have to place this within the broader context of what’s happening here, which is that Brett Kavanaugh came into that hearing that day with accusations and a lot of evidence that he had lied in his prior hearing about very important facts about what he knew when he was a staff secretary around the stolen e-mails, around his participation in the torture memos, vetting of judges and the like, and he walked into that room and performed, I think, as we’ve been talking about with, you know, this rage and anger that you just don’t want from a Supreme Court justice. That is — I’m not convinced that folks like Lindsey Graham are going to review anything that is in the report in the FBI objectively. I’m worried about that. So we’ve got this. The FBI won’t make conclusions. Everyone will read it. Lindsey Graham before he walked into this week’s hearing, we’re going to listen to the lady and now we’re going to vote. Now this report is going to come out. Let’s see how much stock they give to the detailed findings the FBI is going to look at Deborah Ramirez allegations, allegations. They go back making sure they are running everything to ground. Do we have faith those Senate Republicans who resisted every turn throughout this whole process to get to the truth, to have the decency test around this, that’s why it’s important for everyone to remember, this isn’t just about this FBI investigation, this is about whether Brett Kavanaugh is fit to serve on the nation’s highest court for the rest of his life based on everything we know about this man including who he was on — at the hearing this week."

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