John Cornyn: ‘I’m Optimistic’ We Will Have a ‘Bipartisan Vote’ for Kavanaugh

‘I’m optimistic we will confirm the judge’


DOOCY: "And one of the things they wanted, they wanted more information and last night they got a definitive statement from Mark Judge who was named by Mr. Kavanaugh as one of his friends. Dr. Ford had said he was there and his statement was through his lawyer, him directly, was he has zero memory of that. We understand there was also a meeting with three moderate Republicans and Joe Manchin. Does it look like you have some Democrats who might come over to your side come Tuesday?"
CORNYN: "I read the same reports and I’m hopeful that Senator Donnelly and Senator Manchin, and Senator Heitkamp, all of them who voted for Neil Gorsuch, will see their way to vote for this nominee. I’m optimistic we will have a bipartisan vote."

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