Phil Rucker: Trump’s ‘Adviser’ Sean Hannity Warned Him Not To Fire Rosenstein

‘Sean Hannity on Fox News, an adviser to the president, laid it out on his show on Friday, that argument’


RUCKER: "It’s a little fluid, Nicolle. The troubling situation right now is it’s a bit of a mystery. We don’t know the exact contours here. What you just said is exactly right. Trump was convinced over the weekend not to fire him. He felt he could keep him on. He felt like firing him would be feeding into sort of a plant, a trick. Sean Hannity on Fox News, who's an adviser to the President, laid it out on his show on Friday, that argument that is — and it also seems like Rosenstein in his conversations with the White House officials, with John Kelly, with Don McGahn over the weekend was very much initiating the idea of possibly resigning. What’s unclear is how serious that was. Whether he said something like I am willing to resign if the President wants me to or whether he said I intend to resign and I’m going to do it on Monday. We just don’t know the exact nature of those conversations at this point."

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