Brian Stelter Bashes ‘Right Wing Smear Machine’ for False Reports on Kavanaugh Accuser

‘Try to put yourself in Christine Blasey Ford’s shoes for a minute’


STELTER: "Try to put yourself in Christine Blasey Ford’s shoes for a minute. You lived with this and back in July you confided in a reporter on it but insisted on confidentiality. You thought about going public but decided not to, to keep your secret buried but your name started to leak out. Reporters started to knock on your door. You felt like your civic responsibility to speak out outweighed your anguish and terror about retaliation. That was a week ago. That was the quote from the first Washington Post story. If you’re Ford, you’re living in a hotel staring down death threats, you’re thinking about testifying. The president of the united States is tweeting about you casting doubt on your story. And everybody on TV is talking about you. Of course, none of them actually know you but sound like they do, they sound so confident like they want to know the truth or do know the truth but only you know your truth. Maybe you turn your TV off in disgust and look at your phone but it’s worse on the Internet."

(Via Mediaite)

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