Rep. Denny Heck on Trump and the Mueller Probe: ‘He Should Resign Now’

‘If he loves his country, if he loves his family, if he wants to put them first, he should resign now’

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WITT: "I think a lot of the speculation is exactly what obviously Mueller will say, how deep he will go, how broad he will go. And it also speaks to maybe what kind of witness he will be where Gates was not exactly stellar for prosecutors. What do you think is the end game here for Manafort himself?"
HECK: "He's going to and he's going to jail for quite some time, in fact. I'm not sure I agree with your predicate about Rick Gates. The fact of the matter is Manafort was convicted of eight felonies and is already going to jail based in part on evidence that was provided that was corroborated. I don't think we'll find out much in the next 60 days until the midterms about what Manafort has already shared or will share, but if I read the trajectory of Bob Mueller's investigation and the professionalism with which he's undertaken it to get to this point with this many fellow indictments and convictions, I think as Jay said earlier in the program, Chris, the people that ought to be really worried next are Donald Trump Jr. And Jared Kushner. I think those are the people as exposed as anybody because they were in that June 26 meeting. I will reiterate what I've said in this meeting any number of times, Chris. The walls are closing in on the president. And here's the simple fact of the matter. It's time for him to resign the presidency. If he loves his country, if he loves his family, if he wants to put them first, he should resign now and spare the country and his family what we are continuing to go through."

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