Willie Geist: Trump’ Angry Because He Knows He’ll Never Have a Funeral Like McCain’s

‘He knows he will never receive a funeral like that’


GEIST: "It can be exhausting at times, but on the other hand he’s the leader of the free world and the president of this country and he has power and a position where he can do something about the things he brags about. He can do things about the things he claims he’s going to do. So we have to keep an eye on everything he does and says, but imagine, Joe, sitting there and looking up at the coverage of John McCain’s life, the life of a great American and being angry about it, being resentful about it and feeling like this isn’t a great moment, even just for a couple of days, for the country. And there you have President Trump. He knows he will never receive a funeral like that when his day comes. And I think that makes him angry in a way that you wouldn’t expect certainly a sitting president of the United States to feel about a great American like John McCain.”

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