Nicolle Wallace Slaps Down Rosie O’Donnell over CIA ‘Torture’ Report

‘I have never had more people call me and thank me for defending the men and women of the CIA who were simply doing their jobs’

Nicolle Wallace Slaps Down Rosie Over CIA ‘Torture’ Report (NewsBusters)

A day after Rosie O’Donnell proclaimed that the CIA engaged in “horrific” and “illegal” “torture,” on Thursday morning the cast of ABC’s The View decided to revisit the controversial Democratic Senate report on the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques on suspected terrorists.  

Predictably, Rosie doubled-down on her claim that America “tortured” people but conservative co-host Nicolle Wallace eagerly slapped her down. The ABC host insisted that she has “never been more proud to defend the people who walk the line for this country and this city and the city in which I worked, the city where my mom and dad lived.”

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