Marc Veasey: Trump’s Just Not Fit To Serve and If Someone Needs To Be Dishonorably Discharged, It Needs To Be the President

‘You know, I think that the president was obviously wrong in him revoking Brennan’s security clearance’


VEASEY: "It says to me that it’s clear that it was wrong in what he did. You think of Admiral McRaven, who served in the Navy with distinction. And for him to say, hey, revoke my security clearance also. That says a lot. You’re talking about somebody who’s very apolitical, and has very strong words for the President. It’s clear that he was wrong, that he doesn’t have the temperament to be President of the United States and I wish we could revoke the President and the rest of his term. Obviously it’s too premature for that right now, but I hope in 2020, when we have another election that the American public just gets sick and tired of this, and that we’re ready to move on. Because this gentleman, this man that’s in the White House right now, he does not have the temperament, he lacks the leadership qualities and the skills to be president and what happened in Helsinki, to him using the N-word with Omarosa, and that’s been up for a long time now. He’s just not fit to serve and if someone needs to be dishonorably discharged, it needs to be the President."

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