Dem Strategist: We Have to Have ‘Humanity’ About Illegals Who Could Be Punished When They Are Deported Back Home

‘One of my concerns is, what is going to happen to these people when they are deported back home?’


RITCHIE: " It offers something, talking $800 million a year if you are doing $2000 per illegal immigrant that comes into the country. It is an idea, trump promised us we would not fund the wall. If they put the billing somebody else’s pocket absolutely. One of my concerns is what is going to happen to these people when they are deported back home? Will the country find them or imprison them or worse as a result of them coming to the United States illegally and then costing them money? I wonder if somehow they will go after those people? Not saying the United States would but —"
REGAN: "Nan and Dan are both smiling."
RITCHIE: "You want to have some humanity about the fact these people could end up being punished when they are deported."

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