Scaramucci: I’d Recommend to Trump Don’t Tweet About Mueller or the Trump Tower Meeting

‘I don’t believe he is the target of these investigations as it relates to Russian collusion’


SMITH: "Let’s bring in today’s headliner Anthony Scaramucci, former White House Communications Director. Anthony, great to see you this morning."
SCARAMUCCI: "Hey, good morning, guys."
SMITH: "All right. So you’ve heard the response."
SCARAMUCCI: "Big -- big news."
SMITH: "Yeah, so what do you think about it?"
SCARAMUCCI: "Well, listen, I think it’s the right strategy. I mean, talking from the president’s legal team, they have to make sure it’s a very narrow-banded window of questions. They obviously are going to be concerned about the perjury issue. If you were sitting with that legal team right now you would say the president did nothing wrong, but we can’t have anything what they used to say about Watergate, the cover-up being worse than the crime, or any potential perjury. And so that’s absolutely the right strategy. And I would also recommend to the president, as I’ve said, let’s not tweet about it anymore; no tweets related to the Trump Tower meetings, no tweets related to any of these stuff." 

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