Elise Jordan: Trump ‘Looks Like He’s Hiding Something’ and ‘Cowering’ from Mueller Interview

‘If Donald Trump does not sit down with Robert Mueller, he looks like he’s hiding something’


JORDAN: "If Donald Trump does not sit down with Robert Mueller, he looks like he’s hiding something and not up for the challenge of being interviewed and forthright of what happens. That creates the impression that he is indeed hiding something. Donald Trump does not want us to be seen as cowering from a fight. To this date we know him to attack back and keep pushing forward. He thinks he can get in a room and convince Kim Jong-un unilaterally relinquish his nuclear program. That’s the way Donald Trump thinks and operates. Just for some back history, when fellow MSNBC Tim O’Brien wrote the book “Trump Nation” and reported on Donald Trump’s finances and Donald Trump sued him for $5 billion for harm to his reputation. When they got Donald Trump in court, when he sat down for depositions, he told about 30 lies and he said his income fluctuated based on how he was feeling. That’s the kind of performance that Donald Trump lawyers certainly want to avoid."

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