Michael Waltz: The Iranian Economy Is Its Achilles Heel and Imposing Sanctions Will Make the Regime Look Inward

‘If they look inward they can’t muck around the Middle East trying to dominate it and threatening our allies’


HEMMER: "What do you think the effect of these new sanctions can have on what’s happening with this regime inside Iran?"
WALTZ: "Yeah. Well here is what President Trump and -- and Bolton and Secretary of State Pompeo know, that the Iranian economy is its Achilles heel, and that imposing these sanctions are going to send the Iranian regime really looking inward and if they are looking inward and they're facing additional protests, their [indecipherable] is tanking right now, inflation is spiking. The Iranian regime is corrupt in many ways in how it deals with the economy. And if they look inward they can’t muck around across the Middle East and trying to dominate it and threatening our allies and threatening U.S. interests. So I think that’s what we’re seeing it play more broadly now."

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