Fox News: New Study Shows Spike in Federal Immigration Prosecutions Along Southern Border

‘A former U.S. Attorney says it is not true; just because you concentrate on one crime doesn’t mean you ignore others’


LA JEUNESSE: "Let’s start with the number that really stands out. In June of this year 94% of all U.S. Attorney prosecutions in border states and areas were immigration related. That means an office with 150 attorneys responsible for assault, gun running, cybercrime, fraud, environmental crime, 16 out of 17 cases dealt solely with immigration. This graph will show you in March 86% of all cases handled by the U.S. Attorney for new Mexico and Arizona for south Texas and southern California were immigration related. By June it was 12 out of 13,000 cases dealt with entering the U.S. Illegally, harboring illegal immigrants or Visa fraud. Why so many? According to a study the administration’s zero tolerance policy. What does it mean? Critics say this is a big deal because the president is so obsessed with immigration that they claim more serious crimes go unpunished. A former U.S. Attorney says it is not true. Just because you concentrate on one crime doesn’t mean you ignore others."

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