Swalwell: ‘It Wouldn’t Surprise Me at All’ Mueller Indicts Roger Stone

‘Roger stone will tell you that he himself is a dirty trick center’


BLITZER: "So do you expect an indictment by Robert Mueller’s team against Roger Stone?"

SWALWELL: "It wouldn’t surprise me at all, Wolf, just because of the way he has acted and the way he has bragged about working in the past and the dirty tricks he has used on campaigns. But again, the bigger picture that I see here with Roger Stone is Donald Trump was willing as a candidate to bring on to his team so many people who either use dirty tricks, were close to the Russians, or demonstrated zero judgment in who they were willing to do business with. So at the very best, like Donald Trump, he had extremely poor judgment. But the evidence suggest there’s is not really innocent explanations here. It’s that those qualifications helped them get the job rather than disqualified them."

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