Hannity Congratulates Rush on 30 Years: ‘The Doctor of Democracy’ Was the Single Most Influential Voice in the ‘90s

‘What would America be like without Rush, without talk radio?’


HANNITY: "Media was forever changed. Here’s the question I want to throw out tonight. What would America be like without Rush, without talk radio? Without rush on the air for the last 30 years. Without a doubt he has now had a massive impact decade after decade, year in and year out. The doctor of democracy is the single most influential voice in the early ‘90s holding the corrupt Clintons accountable, playing a vital role in the historic Republican midterm resurgence. Newt Gingrich coming to power 1994. He pushed for America’s tough response after 3,000 of our fellow Americans were slaughtered on 9/11 2001. He was a leading voice for the tea party move me in 2010. He was one of the only people that were warning against Obama’s radical left-wing ideology, greatly predicting that those policies would fail. Recently he has been a steadfast powerful voice for what is the working trump agenda, the conservative agenda and you see the dividends every day. Take a look."

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