Blumenthal: Americans Should Be Angry About Trump’s ‘Consciously and Purposely Inflicted Cruelty’ on Migrants

‘Donald Trump’s parents, Donald Trump’s mother came to America from overseas’


SCARBOROUGH: "Why are there no good numbers still? Why can’t we get the government, why can’t we get the Trump administration to give us good numbers on how many children they seized from the arms of their parents and have now lost?"
BLUMENTHAL: "That is the question we’re going to be asking tomorrow when we have ICE come before the Judiciary Committee. We’re going to have a hearing. And the question of whether this policy is a result of incompetence and carelessness or deliberate cruelty, I think right now what we have is benign neglect. Children are separated because of the incompetence and carelessness but the policy itself -- and Americans should be angry about it is the result of consciously and purposely inflicted cruelty."

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