RNC Spox: Socialism Is a ‘Losing Strategy’ for Dems and ‘We Must Reject It’

‘There is very disturbing trend in the democratic Party towards socialism’


McENANY: "There is this very disturbing trend within the Democratic Party towards socialism. You just look at these facts, you see that there are now 42 candidates running with the endorsement of the Democratic Socialist Party. Political poll showed that 35 percent of Democrats want to replace Nancy Pelosi with a socialist. That’s a third of the Democratic Party. You have Tom Perez, the head of the DNC who said Ocasio-Cortez, of course, the democratic socialist, is the future of our party. So there is this identifiable trend and it's very disturbing because as we know, socialism has failed wherever it's been tried. Cuba, Venezuela, the Soviet Union. We must reject it. We must stop this. And it’s a losing strategy for Democrats."

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