Avenatti: If Michael Cohen In Fact Is a True Patriot, Then He Should Release All of the Audio Recordings

‘I will tell you for a fact there’s more than one’


AVENATTI: "Yes, good afternoon wolf, back on that may 30th, I stood joust — and we’re making that demand again today, if Michael Cohen in fact is a true patriot as he wants the American people to believe and as Lanny Davis wants the American people to believe, then Michael Cohen should release all of the audio recordings and I will tell you for a fact there’s more than one, there’s multiple recordings and all of them should be released for the benefit of the American public. You know, wolf, the problem for the president is, he’s got multip problems relating to his relationship with Michael Cohen, but a very big problem is that Michael Cohen will go down as one of the world’s great evidence hoarders over the years. This is a guy that never threw away an old cell phone, did not delete text messages and ex-mails, kept recordings and documents and that is a very bad thing for this president."

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