Varney: We Have Strong Economic Growth Despite Some Prices Rising from Trump’s Tariffs

‘That’s not interfered with the growth of the economy’


VARNEY: "Now, the Federal Reserve did say, look, these tariffs which have been impose have had raised some prices in some areas, but that’s not interfered with the growth of the economy. If you look at their report, it shows that 11 out of 12 districts in America which cover the country 11 out of 12 so he moderate or strong growth. The Fed is usually restrained in the words its used. So when you say strong growth, that is strong growth indeed. Only one area around St. Louis, that shows slight growth. So, across the country, you've got growth despite some prices rising from tariffs -- and by the way, one week from tomorrow, we’re going to report 4 percent growth of this economy. Best rate in many, many years, and double the rate in the first quarter."

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