Obama: Approving Emergency Funds for Ebola Would Be a ‘Good Christmas Present’

‘You have your president’s full support’

"No potential Ebola vaccine has ever made it this far. So this is exciting news. But it’s also a reminder of the importance of government-funded research and our need to keep investing in basic research. (Applause.)

Last week’s news is still just a first step. There are no guarantees. But Dr. Cliff Lane, who is here, is working with Liberian officials to begin large-scale tests in that country. And other potential Ebola vaccines are also in the works. I know that here at NIH you’re also working on potential treatments for Ebola. As you move ahead on all these fronts, I want you to know you have your president’s full support, and the administration’s full support. You are a vital part of our fight against Ebola, across our government ...

Every hot-spot is an ember that, if not contained, could become a new fire. So we cannot let down our guard, even for a minute.  And we can’t just fight this epidemic, we have to extinguish it ...

We cannot beat Ebola without more funding. If we want other countries to keep stepping up, we will have to continue to lead the way. And that’s why I’m calling on Congress to approve our emergency funding request to fight this disease before they leave for the holidays. It’s a good Christmas present to the American people and to the world. (Applause)


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