Andrea Mitchell Allows Ferguson Protester to Bash Police Unchallenged

‘Can they – can they learn new attitudes?’

Andrea Mitchell Allows Ferguson Protester to Bash Police Unchallenged (NewsBusters)

On her 12 p.m. ET hour MSNBC show on Tuesday, host Andrea Mitchell invited on Ferguson protester Rasheen Aldridge, whom she praised for having "made such an impact" and getting the attention of the Obama White House. Aldridge proceeded to slam the police: "I believe we really need to get down to the meat of the problem and really figure out, how we hold the police accountable for their actions?...the reports and statistics and everything is out there of how they're making their money – 20 and 40% off the back of ticketing young African-American men and women."

In a follow-up question, Mitchell wondered: "Do you think that training can be a big part of the answer? Can people be trained to ignore, let's say, their built-in biases? Can they – can they learn new attitudes?" Ironically, Mitchell has never been concerned with shedding her own liberal "built-in biases" when it comes to her reporting.

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