Schiff: Trump Acts Like the Russians Have Something on Him

‘He certainly acts like a president that is compromised’


SCHIFF: "I was surprised and I think many of us thought we'd lost the capacity to be shocked anymore. But it was a stunning betrayal of the country and inexplicable at so many levels. Whether there is this kompromat on the president, we don’t know, obviously we’re trying to find out, but he certainly acts like a president that is compromised. And what ultimately matters to the country is how he acts, and he acts like the Russians have something on him. The only thing I’ll say that runs in the opposite direction is that if he were a longtime asset of the KGB, as was posited in the 'New York' magazine a week or so ago, his Russian handlers would be telling him, 'Wait, wait, slow down, Mr. President, you’ll give yourself away.' It's hard to imagine him with a more damaging performance than we saw this week."

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