Nile Gardiner: Many On the Left Want to See Violence When Trump Arrives in London

‘Left wing groups from Britain and Europe will try to disrupt this visit’


BRUCE: "Her history reminds us of the importance of England and the British people and our families. What is going on there? The prime minister may is in trouble. Why are Americans warned in London? Give us background and what to expect."
GARDINER: "This is a fairly routine warning that the U.S. embassy gives here in London with regard to the potential large scale protests. We have seen these warnings for previous visits by U.S. presidents. It’s sad that you will see some large-scale protests on the streets of London. Some could be violent. Certainly, I think left wing groups from Britain and Europe will try to disrupt this visit. They won’t succeed, but they William Banting cause — but they will cause a lot of traffic disruption. Many on the left would like to see violence here."

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