Geist: Kavanaugh Pick Makes It Difficult for Dems To Say the World Is Coming to an End

‘This is a qualified guy, a guy qualified for this job, this is a guy who’s been supported by President Bush, Jeb Bush, John McCain’


GEIST: "But the truth of the matter is, where there are places Progressives will disagree on guns, abortions and presidential power, this is not a wild Judge Jeanine Pirro pick that some people were fearing. This is an eminently qualified guy. And again, you can disagree with his positions on certain issues, but this is a guy who is qualified for this job. This is a guy who’s been supported by President Bush, Jeb Bush, John McCain, really conventional Republicans and establishment Republicans. He's not a wild-eyed choice, and probably smart by President Trump because it makes it difficult on Democrats when they say the world is coming to an end because of his Supreme Court pick.”

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