Dershowitz on Obstruction Charges Against Trump: You Can’t Question a President’s Motives’ When He Acts

‘If a president pardons, that’s it; if a president fires, that’s it’

Dershowitz on Obstruction Charges Against Trump: You Can't Question a President's Motives' When He Acts (The Daily Caller)

Liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz said on Sunday that “motives” cannot come into play when considering obstruction of justice charges against a U.S. president merely exercising his constitutional powers.

Dershowitz responded “no” when asked if special counsel Robert Mueller could pin obstruction of justice charges on President Trump, because he was “merely exercising his power” under the Constitution’s Article II.

“You cannot question a president’s motives when the president acts,” Dershowitz told host George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week.” “If a president pardons, that’s it. If a president fires, that’s it. You can’t go beyond the act and get into his motive or into his intent.”

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