Nunes on Investigating Russia Probe: These 42 People Can Help Determine If This Was an Effort To Frame Trump

‘What we are asking for, though, is for these 42 people to be interviewed in public’


PIRRO: "That is how did this dossier get from the Clinton campaign and Steele to the FBI? Do you know what the answer to that is?"
NUNES: "We don’t know the answer to that. We think it could have come from many directions. One of John McCain’s former staffers did it. We think many people in the press had this and gave it to the FBI. At the same time Christopher Steele was supposedly working with the FBI. What we are asking for, though, is for these 42 people to be interviewed in public. I would suggest — I I can’t control Lou they do the interviews, but I think they would want to do more deposition types. Let the Republicans an hour of questions at a time. Then give the Democrats an hour. These 42 people help us get to the bottom of was trump really colluding with Russia or was this an orchestrated effort by the left working with the FBI and doj to frame the president and many people involved to dig up dirt to start this investigation. That’s why I think it would be helpful to have all this done in public."

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