Haass: ‘Stunning’ Trump’s Even Thinking About Accepting Russia’s Seizure of Crimea

‘Accepting what the Russians have done in Crimea is stunning’


SCARBOROUGH: "You know, when he said it’s not shocking at all, I mean, everybody watching that could have finished the sentence, but John Bolton couldn’t say it but he probably wanted to say it’s not shocking at all. Donald Trump is the president of the United States. So --"
BRZEZINSKI: "Just like he owns the separation policy of children at the border, if this policy is announced by this president, we’ll see what happens. But it will be owned by him."
HAASS: "To the extent there’s any rule in international relations that keeps the world from being a jungle, it’s the idea that you cannot use military force to change borders. The idea that people are even thinking about, thinking about —"
BRZEZINSKI: "Playing with it."
HAASS: "Accepting what the Russians have done in Crimea is stunning. You know a world where you think you can’t be stunned anymore, that is stunning."

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