Joy Behar: When Trump Blames Dems for Border Policy, He Is Lying

‘So when Donald Trump says the Democrats have a law, he is lying’


GOLDBERG: "It went from being a misdemeanor — when did it turn into something that allowed them to separate families like that?"
HOSTIN: "That is a Trump — they were not always separated. It has always been a crime."
GOLDBERG: "A misdemeanor."
HOSTIN: "A misdemeanor. If you do it more than once, it can be ratcheted up to a felony. But in April or May, I believe it was in April, Jeff Sessions announced there would be a zero tolerance policy for anyone crossing the border. They would be prosecuted immediately, and that — once they are arrested, the children are separated."
BEHAR: "So when Donald Trump says the Democrats have a law, he is lying. Is that —"
HOSTIN: "That is not true."

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