John Ratcliffe: DOJ IG Reports ‘Confirms’ Hillary Clinton Was Handed Immunity ‘Like Candy’

‘Hillary Clinton got preferential treatment’


RATCLIFFE: "You referred to it as the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation. We do that. Remember what it really was supposed to be was an investigation into whether the secretary of state of the united States violated the espionage act by mishandling classified information. This is a serious matter and should have compelled a serious investigation. Yet the I.G. Report confirms that exactly the opposite happened. A very light touch where Hillary Clinton got preferential treatment, limited use of a grand jury, limited use of subpoenas, immunity agreements handed out like candy to witnesses that destroyed evidence and lied to the FBI. And really speaking to the lack of seriousness, we have this tarmac meeting between Loretta lynch and Bill Clinton and five days later a team of doj and FBI agents and lawyers sit down with Hillary Clinton and she doesn’t get asked a single question about the meeting between their Bo her husband and there’s the Exxon raise memo that was revised by the entire investigation team before 17 important witnesses including Hillary Clinton were ever interviewed. So again, she was never going to be charged by Obama Administration officials for the types of things that we’re now finding out many of the folks involved have been accused of as well."

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