Spicer: There Will Never Be a Bar High Enough Trump Will Hit that the Media Will Give Him Credit

‘No matter how good the economy does, it will never be good enough’

SPICER: "I think so. I would argue they lost their credibility. It’s not that they are losing. It I think yet president’s numbers are ticking up. The American people understand the president is fighting for them and getting results for them. When it’s the economy or north Korea or ISIS, the president is getting things done. People understand their lives are better and safer. These journalists are exposing their personal biases against conservatives and him. It will never be good enough. There will never be a bar high enough that Donald Trump will hit that they will give him the credit he deserves. Half what have he has done would have been heralded as a huge triumph. No matter how good the economy does, it will never be good enough."

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