Hannity: Trump’s Not Going To Be Duped into Sending Planes Full of Cash Like Bill Clinton

‘Kissing the rings of despots doesn’t work’


HANNITY: "So this is going to be an ongoing process. President saying can he go at his own pace he can go faster and he can go slower. Cannot forget the untrustworthy nature of Kim Jong un and his predecessors we have learned from history. Mostly cloudy won’t agree to our terms. The president stated many times he will walk away. That will be the right thing to do. He already cancelled this. This president is not going to be duped into sending cargo planes full of cash like Bill Clinton promised they will never get nuclear weapons. Knee know abject failure. Kissing the rings of despots doesn’t work. Trying to bribe them doesn’t work. Frankly a form of insanity. In order to award mistakes and Clinton’s blunder. Hold out president and it seems to. Following the predecessor Ronald Reagan and just like Donald Trump, Reagan applied trust but verify very oppressive. Jus some of you may not remember. This worth learning the lessons of history or doomed to repeat the failures. Take a listen."

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