Mark Steyn: The House-Trained Western Leader Is Behaving as Unpredictably as the Third World Basket Case Guy

‘That’s a completely different style of negotiation’


STEYN: "Yeah. And I think that’s one of the most effective things. You know, the weakness the western world, generally, is that when we enter into talks or talks about talks, these third world dictators always understand that our priority is to be in a room, sitting down, talking, and getting an agreement. We will do almost anything to get into a room and start chitchatting and having tea and coffee and cookies with the third world’s dictator. The Iranians understood that, for example, in their negotiations for years with Europe and then with the Obama Administration. This is the complete opposite. Trump’s signature style was basically T metaphor rickly nuclear on the regime. When it was clear he wasn’t like Obama and other western lea carrot of negotiation. Just when Kim was getting cocky and he decided to start trashing Mike Pence and John Bolton and all the rest of it at that point trump yanked the rug out from underneath of them. This is a very different style. The house trained western leader is behaving as unpredictably as the third world basket case guy. That’s a completely different style of negotiation."

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