Tammy Bruce: The Media and the Left Want Trump to Fail, They Have a ‘Pathological,’ ‘Personal Loathing’ of Him

‘They want the nation now to be hurt because it is now pathological’


EARHARDT: "President Trump arriving in Singapore. And the media as you heard, wasting no time slamming him and the summit. So why is the media practically rooting for our president to fail at this historic summit. Let’s ask radio talk show host and Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce. Tammy, thank you for joining us."
BRUCE: "Hey, good morning. Sure."
EARHARDT: "They really are just rooting on him to fail. But Bill Maher says I hope we have recession so he doesn’t get reelected."
BRUCE: "Yeah, this shows you this now conversation is not at all about policy or that they have a better idea and they want their ideas to the succeed. It now is completely devoid of being based in reality. They simply want him to be hurt. They want the nation now to be hurt because it is now pathological. It's -- it's a personal loathing. They might explain it to themselves is that he is bad for the country, but of course, now that's been proven to be incorrect, hasn’t it? And so now that gets added in to their anger. That he's actually been successful." 

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