Kudlow: Trudeau ‘Betrayed Trump ... Betrayed the Whole G-7’

‘Trudeau decides to come out and play to domestic political consumption and take potshots at the American president’

BRENNAN: You are saying he broke his word, that he publicly came out and said things.

KUDLOW: Let me say, in the bilateral between President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau, which was — I was in that room. It was a very successful, calm, friendly, respectful bilateral.

And we made great progress in moving towards a deal between the U.S. and Canada and perhaps NAFTA as a whole. It was very successful. That is another reason why I think Trudeau betrayed Trump and the G7.

I mean, look, they put together this good consensus. The Western allies were together. It was peaceful. They were good citizens. It was all in good faith.

What is not in good faith is, when you leave there and you fly out of there, and the host Canadian prime minister starts taking whacks at you, potshots at you on the eve of this Korean summit.

President Trump had no alternative, in my opinion, but to express his opinion that he is going to pull out. This — look...

BRENNAN: To pull out? To pull out of?

KUDLOW: To pull out of the communique. That’s what he said.

BRENNAN: But when it comes to NAFTA, which you said there was progress on, you have said publicly the president is not going to pull out of NAFTA.

KUDLOW: That is correct.

BRENNAN: But then the president said he may broker a side bilateral agreement with Canada and Mexico.

KUDLOW: That is correct. That is correct.

BRENNAN: How do you do both things at once? How is that not withdrawing from NAFTA?

KUDLOW: Oh, no, no, no, it’s — we won’t withdraw from NAFTA. We are heavy into negotiations.

And the negotiation will either be bilateral or they will be trilateral, OK, one way or the other.

BRENNAN: So, despite this blow-up, you still think you can get a trade deal with Canada?

KUDLOW: I don’t — well, I don’t know that, Margaret.

I want to say I don’t know, because I think, again, Trudeau’s very unfortunate statements, his betrayal — he betrayed Trump. Can I ask, he betrayed the whole G7.

BRENNAN: But how?

KUDLOW: ... by attacking right after that.

BRENNAN: He said the same thing he said before, which was that the tariffs were insulting and that they would follow through with the July 1 tariffs.

KUDLOW: You want to say that right after a successful G7 meeting? Is that necessary, seriously?

Where is the good faith? Where is the optimism? There’s — people came together at that meeting. I am in there working with the heads of state. It was my great pleasure representing the president. The president was there.

We are putting words on paper. We are making adjustments. We are making compromises. And we are coming out with a document that we can accept. Most people thought that wouldn’t happen. So that happens.

And instead of being a good push to the Singapore North Korean talks, Trudeau decides to come out and play to domestic political consumption and take potshots at the American president, who is representing the rest of the world. That’s just not fair play.

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