Feinstein Gives Obama a Pass on Separation of Illegal Families Under Obama: ‘I Didn’t Know Enough’

‘I do know enough about it now’


FEINSTEIN: "I don’t believe that it was nearly to the extent that it is today. And candidly, I didn’t really know enough about it at that time to focus on it. I do know enough about it now. We have had a hearing in the Judiciary Committee. We did have testimony. I know that at least 50 children a day are taken from their parents. And the thing is, they are taken and no one knows what happens to them. Their parents don’t know how to find them. And you have now the first person, one of the fathers that died in jail. And I find it just inhumane, callus, and something I never thought my country would do. So it is very worrisome and we have to stop it. And so we have written a bill, we have 31 co-sponsors. I hope we’ll be able to get it out of the Judiciary Committee. It has been introduced. And it would prohibit the taking of children in this manner and then it would provide a number of criteria to remove a child, what you’d have to have present."

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