FNC’s Huntsman Battles Wendy Osefo on Bill Clinton: You Always Try Turn It Back to Trump

‘You are doing exactly what Bill Clinton did in that interview’


HUNTSMAN: "I have to jump in because you are doing exactly what Bill Clinton did in that interview."
OSEFO: "No I’m not. Don’t do that, Abby. I’m not — that’s very rude."
HUNTSMAN: "Every time we have you on the show, you turn it back to Donald Trump. In this conversation, in that interview when that happened yesterday on 'The Today Show' with Bill Clinton himself, that had nothing to do with Donald Trump. That had to do with Bill Clinton’s past and whether or not he felt he needed to personally apologize to Monica Lewinsky. This has nothing to do with Donald Trump here. So when you go that direction, I think that is what turns a lot of people off."

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