Michael Eric Dyson: Trump ‘Excretes Feces of His Moral Depravity’ into Country He Turned into Toilet

‘And he’s a bigot-in-chief and a racist in residence’

Michael Eric Dyson: Trump 'Excretes Feces of His Moral Depravity' Into Country He Turned Into Toilet (NewsBusters)

Fast-talking Georgetown professor and New York Times’ contributor Michael Eric Dyson was the guest on ABC’s The View, June 4, where he proceeded to “educate” the panel and viewers about the differences between bigots and racists, and how Republicans were seemingly both.

Dyson was there to plug his new book about race relations in America, entitled What Truth Sounds Like, and the liberal hosts happily provided open-ended questions which let the chatty Dyson spout off on how racism thrives on the right and with Trump supporters.

Co-host Joy Behar led the interview by asking Dyson to comment on Rick Santorum’s comments from Sunday, where he said that former President Obama “exacerbated” racism in the country. Santorum was referring to Obama publically taking sides with the anti-law enforcement, Black Lives Matter movement, but Behar did not provide context.

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