Josh Kraushaar: There Is a Lot of Anti-Trump Anger Among the Progressive Base

‘There is a reason why President Trump talks about NFL’


EARHARDT: "What has changed? Why are more Americans choosing to vote on values versus their pocketbooks right now?"

KRAUSHAAR: "Well President Trump is a big part of it, he defines our politics in a way that we haven’t seen from other past presidents. So, you know, there is a lot of anti-Trump anger among the progressive base, and cultural issues coming to the forefront during Trump’s presidency. But you know, the polling on these issues is pretty unmistakable. There is a reason why President Trump talks about NFL anthems, talks about Colin Kaepernick. You know, 'The Washington Post' came out with a poll a couple weeks ago showing that a clear 53 percent majority agree with the NFL leadership in requiring NFL players to stand during the national anthem. You wouldn’t know that from a lot of the media coverage. But's it's a clear majority, a double digit margin in the president’s favor on that big issue. Yet, there is a big disconnect between where the activists and the Democratic Party and where the majority of the country is."


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