Maria Bartiromo Calls on Mueller to Investigate Hillary Clinton for Russian Collusion

‘How do you ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton worked with Russians, paid for a dossier’

Maria Bartiromo Calls on Mueller to Investigate Hillary Clinton For Russian Collusion (Mediaite

More and more, it is becoming difficult for Fox Business viewers to distinguish between Mornings With Maria and Lou Dobbs Tonight.

Thursday morning, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo spoke with former House Speaker and current Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich. Much of the conversation was focused on what the two clearly deem to be the real Russian collusion — collusion with Hillary Clinton.

“The Clintons have always been corrupt,” Gingrich said. “They have always gotten away with it. They remain corrupt. While they were being corrupt…the establishment covered for them. Then all of a sudden, the establishment was faced with this horrifying possibility Donald J. Trump could become president. ‘If Donald J. Trump becomes president, everything we’ve done illegal is going to become public.’… And so if you think about it as a novel, or as a movie, it all begins to make sense.”

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