Kevin Brady: We Have Millions Trapped in Welfare and This Is The ‘Perfect Time’ to Deliver on Our Promises

‘We do have a booming economy and businesses of all sizes are desperate for new workers’


BANDERAS: "Breaking on Capitol Hill now. House Republicans trying to drum up support for a new welfare reform bill. My next guest introduced the legislation. He says, quote, 'Thanks to tax reform, our economy is growing in leaps and bounds but now we need more workers. There is a job gap in this country, with millions of people out of work and millions of jobs that need to be filled. Joining me now is Texas Congressman Kevin Brady, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. Congressman, thank you so much for talking to us."
BRADY: "Thanks, Julie."
BANDERAS: "You know, this strikes me as odd. I mean, it’s one thing if people are out of jobs because there aren’t simply enough jobs to fill. But this is quite the contrary because how is it that there are so many unfilled jobs when there are millions of people out of work?"
BRADY: "Yeah. It's a great question. So we do have a booming economy and businesses of all sizes are desperate for new workers. Yet we have millions of Americas on the sidelines many of them trapped in our welfare system. And so this is the perfect time to really restore the promise of the 1996 welfare reforms led by speaker Newt Gingrich ultimately signed and boasted upon by President Clinton at the time. And look, Ways and Means Committee is acting this afternoon to move welfare reform forward as part of our Republican better way agenda that really is focused on getting people from the sidelines to the front lines of the workforce, getting a job but keeping a job. Because truth of the matter is we need them. America really needs these people and we think they have a brighter future."

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