CNN: Trump Discloses He Reimbursed Cohen to Possibly Cover for Stormy Daniels

‘President Trump reveals his reimbursed Michael Cohen for a six figure expenditure’

BLITZER: "Breaking news. President Trump reveals his reimbursed Michael Cohen for a six figure expenditure, apparently the money paid to stormy Daniels. That disclosure is passed on to the supervisor of the Russia probe, even as the FBI director now said the Russia investigation is not -- repeat not a witch hunt. I'll speak with congressman Andre Carson of the intelligence committee and our correspondents are standing by. But let's begin with president Trump now admitting he paid back his fixer, his long-time lawyer for campaign expenses, apparently including the stormy Daniels hush money. Let's get straight to the senior White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny. How important is this."
ZELENY: "It is the only latest development and the latest chapter in this ongoing saga about stormy Daniels and did the president know or not about the hush money that was paid in the 2016 campaign. Of course a couple of months ago the president said he did not. That his new lawyer said he did. Well today we learned on page 45 of a 92-page disclosure report, the president did reimburse Michael Cohen for that money. President Trump not answering questions tonight."

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