Gordon Chang: Trump ‘Wilted’ Under Pressure from China on ZTE and Kim Jong Un Saw That

‘I think China essentially told Kim Jong Un that they were going to have his back and we saw that with Kim’s two trips to China in a row’


CHANG: "Yes, because for instance, we have seen in the first two weeks of this month, a marked decrease in oil and gas and diesel prices in the northern part of North Korea. That wouldn’t have happened unless China was pumping a lot more oil to the Kims. And I think that’s related to what’s going on here. And Joe, with regard to your comments on the toughness of negotiating, I think it’s significant that Kim sort of has this reversal right after President Trump’s ZTE tweet on Sunday, where he just wilted under Chinese pressure. You know, it’s known that the Chinese demanded that he give relief to that embattled telecom equipment maker. And what Trump did on Sunday was said, 'Yes, I’m going to help ZTE.' I think Kim Jong un saw that and decided, yeah, if Xi Jinping can push around Trump, that he could as well. And that would be very good for domestic politics back in Pyongyang."

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