Tammy Bruce: Hillary’s Moving from Group Therapy to Trying to Malign Trump and Change How the U.S. Is Viewed

‘it is a shame her decline’


MacCALLUM: "Joining me now Tammy Bruce. And Richard Faler. And both Fox News contributor and Brian Jean Wright. Who wrote on the Gina Haspel. It is odd of the constant reason of why Hillary Clinton lost. It undercuts her future argument. At some point I would think she would want to be a stateswoman and this mucks all of that up if she wants that moment down the road."
BRUCE: "It could have happened sooner. What we can do whether you are a failure if you lose or retire. You remake yourself. But what may have been genuine shock at the start. Everything that the Clintons do is political. Even with the Russians she said stealing with her was part of the narrative. And now we have to consider they are comments on foreign soil and they don’t really know what is going on in America. The president is having great foreign policy success and we have to consider it is an effort of transferring from her having group therapy in the beginning to trying to malign the president and affect the impact of what the foreigners think of Americans in general and that is an impact on how the country is viewed and how policy approaches are viewed and as a feminist and a woman, it is a shame her decline. But now I think it's much more political than it was in the beginning."

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