Scalise on DACA: ‘Obama Created This Problem Because He Said, “Hey, Bring Your Kids Here Illegally”’

‘He never tried to do anything to legalize the kids that came here’


SCALISE: "What we would like to see is continue working on the bill that we've been moving forward that addresses the problem and in a way where you can actually get the president to sign it. Barack Obama created this problem because he said, 'Hey, bring your kids here illegally.' He never tried to do anything to legalize those kids that came here. He just said, 'Come here illegally and we’ll look the other way.' President Trump is saying we're getting back to the rule of law. But we also acknowledge that there were 60',000 kids that came in under DACA and we want to solve the problem, but let’s address it in a way where you can get the President’s signature rather than some show vote where you are not solving the problem but you are just actually making it worse."

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