MSNBC: Trump’s Attorney, Michael Cohen, Faces Questions of Access Peddling

‘The White House is facing questions of access peddling by Michael Cohen’


BRZEZINSKI: “We'll dig deeper into this. I'll bring in Kathy as well in just a few moments, but we want to move on to the other big story of the morning. As the private business dealings of President Trump’s personal attorney come to light, the White House is facing questions of access peddling by Michael Cohen, who was locked out of a West Wing job and cashed in on his association with Donald Trump. 'The Washington Post' reporting that Cohen told an associate in the summer of 2017, 'I’m crushing it.' Reported payments to Cohen or his company in the first year of the Trump Administration, nearly $3 million so far, including $1.2 million from drug maker Novartis, up to $600,000 AT&T, half a million dollars each from Squire Patton Boggs and Columbus Nova, and another $150,000 from Korea Aerospace. In January of 2017 Cohen announced he would continue to serve as the President’s personal attorney in office and said he would resign from the Trump Organization, quote, to avoid a perceived conflict."

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