Willie Geist: It’s Clear There Was Payment for Access to Trump Through Michael Cohen

‘Michael Cohen was up to a lot more than we knew’


GEIST: “Yeah, what's clear in this story, and there's a lot in there that can be confusing and it takes some time to read through it, is that Michael Cohen is in deeper than we knew. We thought Essential Consulting LLC was set up as it was, two weeks before the election just to make this pay-off to Stormy Daniels, but now if you read through these documents that NBC has independently looked through, it’s clear that there was a lot more going on here. What was going on was payment for access to the President through Michael Cohen, who was merely an attorney and a friend of the President, was not working inside the administration. As Michael Avenatti has said, he was not registered as a lobbyist. There were companies who were paying large sums of money, $4.4 million that we know of so far, to Michael Cohen for, quote, access to the President."

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