Colbert: Trump Might Have To Pay Rudy Giuliani for His Silence

‘Of course, it’s not easy lying for Donald Trump’

COLBERT: "Yeah, $130,000, you’re low-balling her. Low-balling, by the way, also something she’s not allowed to talk about. Rudy says $1.3 million is the number. That’s the number you should be paid. So now we know how much it would cost to science Giuliani. And Trump might have to because, this weekend, Giuliani screwed him hard. Yeah, very positive. Of course, it’s not easy lying for Donald Trump because he keeps changing his story. Remember, on air force one, he said he had no idea Cohen paid off Stormy Daniels. But, this weekend, we learn that people close to the president say, “Trump knew of the payment to stormy Daniels months before he denied it.” Okay, but maybe when trump has sex with people, he somehow forgets. That’s a useful skill. I wish I could forget Donald Trump having sex with people."

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